On Saturday August 6th, Gabriel Enxuga formally launched his campaign for Regional Municipal Council in Dartmouth Centre – District 5 with a well-attended Campaign Launch Rally and BBQ at Alderney Landing.

Gabriel’s campaign team captured a few videos of the Campaign Launch Rally and BBQ and have posted them below.

As Gabriel said at the Campaign Launch:

I want you to believe that us, together, have the power to do something great. And believe me, I want us to do great things.

I want us to make people believe that a better world is possible.

I want us to inspire our friends, our families and our neighbours to take action for our collective good.

And I want us to build a city where no one goes hungry. Where every family has a home, and where not a single person lives in poverty amidst all of our wealth.

This is the world I want us to build together.

Longtime Dartmouth residents Sébastien Labelle and Michelle Malette speak at Gabriel Enxuga‘s campaign launch rally at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth Centre (District 5):

Gabriel Enxuga‘s father, longtime social justice & labour activist Chris Frazer, played a few songs at the Gabriel Enxuga Campaign Launch Rally & BBQ at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth:


Full half hour (30 minute) video of speeches at Gabriel Enxuga’s Campaign Launch Rally & BBQ on Saturday August 6th, 2016: