Gabriel Enxuga and his campaign team marched in the Halifax Pride Parade on July 23rd, 2016.

Signs carried by Gabriel Enxuga and his campaign team in the Halifax Pride Parade on July 23rd, 2016.

Signs carried by Gabriel Enxuga and his campaign team in the Halifax Pride Parade on July 23rd, 2016.

Gabriel is the first openly trans candidate for Halifax Regional Council. Gabriel has been a lifelong activist in the queer and trans community. He got involved with community organizing by starting a campaign to organize the first ever GSA in the local high school in Antigonish in 2005. However, it would turn out to be a long struggle, and Gabriel’s high school would not have a GSA until 2012. When he moved to Halifax, Gabriel got involved with the local queer community. He sat on the board of the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre in 2010, served as the LGBTQ Students Representative at the Dalhousie Student Union, co-organized the first Dyke and Trans march in 2011, and also worked with NSRAP to campaign for publicly coverage of transgender healthcare in 2014.

Pride Is Political!

Gabriel Enxuga Reflects on Halifax Pride

Reflecting on Halifax Pride, this year, more than ever, has reaffirmed for me that Pride is Political.

I am so proud that I got to march in the Halifax Pride Parade as the first openly trans candidate for city council. It’s always a little scary to put myself out there and I still worry that me or someone I know, will experience violence because of my actions. But I do it because it is important. And because I know too many trans people who have died.

The response yesterday was so overwhelmingly positive and I am so incredibly grateful to have the support of my community behind me. I get a lot of credit for supporting the queer and trans community – but I only get that credit because I am visible. I am a person that people see. And as a white, able-bodied man, with some class privilege, there are lot of reasons why it is easier for me, than other people, to be visible in this way.

History is not made by great men, and change is not made by individuals. As a community, our power is always collective. And there are so many people in our community, working hard everyday, who never get the credit they deserve. People who take care of children or elders, people who spent the night with their friends when they need them, people who share their food, their couches, their resources, people who stuff envelopes and pick up supplies, people who fight for trans right every time they use the bathroom or have a job interview, and people who just show and take up space because that what’s we have to do to survive.

These are the people we need to honor.
Happy pride.
– Gabriel