Elections in our city have been heavily influenced for too many years by election campaign donations to Council candidates by property developers. Gabriel Enxuga’s campaign for Regional Council in District 5 (Dartmouth Centre) has made the decision that no donations will be accepted from developers.

“Property developers are amongst the largest donors to municipal election campaigns in our city,” says Gabriel Enxuga. “I think it’s fair for constituents to be concerned about bias when those same developers come in front of our Regional Council in the months and years after elections are held to ask for zoning and bylaw exemptions that would directly profit developers.”

On Wednesday October 12, Gabriel Enxuga’s campaign received an unsolicited online campaign donation from East Port Properties Limited on the http://GabrielEnxuga.ca website.

img_0869“I have written a cheque to East Port Properties Limited for the full amount of their donation and I will be returning the campaign donation which East Port Properties Limited made online on my website,” Gabriel Enxuga stated. “As I have said from the beginning of the municipal election campaign, I will not be accepting any donations whatsoever from property developers and corporations. I strongly believe that developers should be prohibited from donating to any municipal election campaign.”

“We are running a campaign for an accessible and fair city. We believe that our city council should made decisions based on the public interest, not on the needs of a few corporations or private developers.”

For information, contact:

Campaign To Elect Gabriel Enxuga in Dartmouth Centre — District 5

Gabriel Enxuga
Phone: 902-308-2781
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