Today is Municipal Election Day. And today I need your help.

I want to fight for a city where we can see ourselves reflected… where the issues that we care about are reflected at City Hall.

A City that prioritizes affordable housing, free transit, free rec programs, and issues of poverty and social inequality.

I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received in my campaign, but today I need you to do one last thing for me: I need you to take five minutes out of your Saturday to go down to the polling station and vote.

We need to take action. We need to show that our voice, and our vote matters.

I need you to vote today for me, Gabriel Enxuga, for District 5 — Dartmouth Centre.

gabriel-14-logoIf you need a ride to the polls, call us at 902-308-2781 or send us an email at

Or you can drop into our Gabriel Enxuga for District 5 campaign office at 47 Wentworth Street in Downtown Dartmouth all day today until the polls close.